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Motorcycling Tips: Must Have Products That Prevent Theft On The Road

The last trip we took was down the Pacific Coast Highway this past fall. As a veteran road warrior and cautious traveler, I can honestly say that I have never had anything stolen from me while on vacation. I have had close calls and numerous suspicious characters hovering around our vehicle or bike. It is hard to differentiate a motorcycle enthusiast who is simply admiring your ride from a thief planning a quick slash and grab. You can lose your duffel in seconds from an experienced opportunist. Britta and I are seasoned travelers and have developed innate situational awareness. That still did not prevent a lightning fast grab of my Teva Tanza Sandals halfway through our trip.

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The views along California State Route 1 in Big Sur are simply amazing. Voted one of the top 10 scenic drives in America. A must for any Road Tripper!

We stopped at The Lucia Lodge for lunch along US 1 in Big Sur. Its location makes it a very busy stop for travelers needing a rest stop. Our bike and gear were secure and in my view during lunch.

copyright@2017Joseph Noonan Photography
Our view of the Pacific from our table at the Lucia Lodge. Cheers!

LUNCH! I can still taste them.
The Lucia Lodge fish and chips were voted Top Ten fish and chips in America by Coastal Living Magazine. Yes, they were as good as they look!

After lunching on arguably the best fish and chips we ever had, I stepped out into the parking lot to use the attached restrooms. I rolled the bike from the front of the restaurant over to the edge of the parking lot closer to the bathrooms. My Teva sandals were still on the bike. The parking lot was buzzing with cars and people pulling in and using the rest rooms, there was even a line forming.

I came out of the restroom and my sandals were gone just that quickly. Britta was even near our bike snapping photos of the amazing ocean views behind the restaurant.

Epic views await for motorcycle touring US Route 1
The views along California State Route 1 are world class.

It took our thief seconds to reach out, pull them off and hide within the crowd and make off with them. I had to wear my boots on the beach for the rest of the trip! Lesson learned, people!

I consider myself lucky that the thief was only interested in my sandals. I have read traveler stories on about how fast a pocket knife will make quick work of your straps and, just like that, your duffel bag is gone from your bike.

So what do I do for security and what is the best practice on the road for securing your valuables? First, use common sense. If you can, always take your gear with you, even if you are "just running in to grab a water." Britta, my beautiful voice of reason, always reminds me to take my helmet. I always want to leave it for some reason. I guess I am too trusting.

Next thing to get is a detachable tank bag. I have used one religiously since my early days of motorcycling. Tank bags are not just convenient for quick access to maps, phone, snacks, water etc., they are mobile. Two quick release buckles and you have your wallet, phone, camera and other valuables with you in seconds. I use two different models. My go-to is a nice small one that incorporates a hydration water bladder. It is made by Rapid Transit. I use another made by RKA that is specifically for my BMW 1200LT.

For the price, the Rapid Transit has well thought out details that just make it a great functional bag. You can tell it was designed by a rider. Mount options allow for easy on/off. It is made for a removable optional water bladder. A top pocket allows your cell to be visible while riding but protected from the elements. The interior has good routing for cables so you can charge your electronics on the go. It comes with a good length shoulder strap so it serves as a handy bag when you need to walk around off the bike. Which is the whole point for security purposes, right? Grab and Go!

Hydration on the road is the key to staying sharp and keeping alert. Your thoughts and reactions will slow down if you allow yourself to get too dehydrated. That is why I love this bag. I can just reach down and grab the hose and leave it in my mouth while I drink. So if you get this bag, make sure you pick up the optional hydration bladder. You will thank me for it.

Essential for protecting your gear on the road is a cable security lock. I first used one that came with my KTM 950 Adventure. It was a simple stainless steel braided cable with a loop on each end. At first, I honestly did not know what it was for. The KTM had a metal hook under the seat that it would loop onto.  First, run the cable through your motorcycle jacket's sleeve and then up through your helmet and out the eye area. Pull that tag end through the loop essentially securing your gear together by the cable. Place the other looped end on the hook and put the seat back on-brilliant! Everything is locked to the bike. I missed that on my new bike. So, with a little search I found this great locking cable made by Pocket Lock-it that Britta and I used everyday on our Pacific Coast Highway tour.

It took my simple KTM cable a step further in that it had a heavy duty lock on it. The Pocket Lock-it lets you lock it to anything on your bike or near your bike that you want to. I bought two, one for my gear and one for Britta's. 

Safe and Secure take the worry our of leaving your gear behind
Loop the cable through to secure it around your frame or somewhere on your bike to anchor it. Then just run it through your jacket sleeve and helmet.

Secure your motorcycle gear quick and easy
Once you have it fed through your gear properly, just lock it up.
Now you can run in for a bite to eat or tour the attraction you are visiting on vacation without having to walk around with all your gear. If you are taking a motorcycle tour soon, this is essential to have with you.
Secure your helmet and jacket to your motorcycle
SecureCycleGear by Pocket-Lock-It. 

When you are on the road for a few weeks, chances are you will have a loaded duffel bag that you can detach quickly to bring into your tent or hotel room. It is not as easy to lock that up and feel secure about it while you are away from the bike. I found the lockable stainless steel mesh net from Pacsafe that is fantastic for locking up a soft bag or duffel. This works not only on your bike but I use it in the hotel room and camp site. It is great for when we venture out for the day.

I called Pacsafe to get the recommended size for my Wolfman Overland Duffel.  Pacsafe said the 120L Backpack and Bag Protector was perfect. I like that it comes in a nice small packable canvas bag when not using it.
Come complete with nice stowaway pouch
The carry case is a nice sturdy canvas that will stand up to years of use. It packs away nice and small in a saddlebag.

The exomesh stainless steel wraps completely around your bag to secure it.
The Exomesh steel braid completely wraps around your bag then locks to your bike or nearby secure object.

Use not just on your motorcycle, but anytime your travel.
You can finally leave your gear behind for the day and not worry! 

The last essential security gear I would highly recommend is a simple disk lock like this Krypton one. It is what I use. I like the hi-viz yellow, it is easy to spot. Just do not forget it is on! You do not want to find out the hard way in the morning! Motorcycle thieves can break a head set lock and roll away silently or push your bike into a van in seconds! A disc lock is cheap and easy added security.

I hope this has helped. As always, I would love to hear your feedback or comments. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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